Carrots, along with parsnips, celery and parsely belong to the Apiaceace family. They are renowned amongst other things for having slow germinating seeds.

Carrots are a cold climate crop, this means that you can sow the seeds very early in temperate climates, or even autumn or winter in more tropical regions.

I plant mine alongside my onions as carrot and onion fly are said to be put off the scent by the other crop. I have no scinetific proof of this but have yet to have a single case of either so I am sticking to it!

Grow in rows far enough apart to allow your hoe to do the weeding. The seeds as previously said are slow to germinate, so it if a good idea to clearly mark where you have sown them. I achieve this with my onions in rows next to them.

After sowing the seeds, unles you are using the deep-bed method I walk along the row heel-to-toe firming down the soil. This appears to give a better germination rate. In a deepbed you will be sowing much more thickly so it would be hard to compare the two. Harvest as when are needed. If you do suffer from carrot fly it may be best to harvest all in one go. to stop the flies from reproducing. Carrots can be stored through the winter, as with apples they should not touch as this can cause them to rot. As can washing them before storing them.

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