Aubergine (Egg Plant)

If, like me you live in a country blessed with proper seasons and enough sun to grow tomatoes outside then you can also grow aubergines. If however you live in the UK and donít have seasons as much as different temperatures of rain you will probably need a greenhouse. They will grow outside in the UK but really need a hot summer which the UK only seem to get once every 10 years. In fact if you live in a frost free region of the world the aubergine will grow as a perennial bush.

As well as being very tasty the aubergine plant has large purple flows and lush foliage, together with the beautiful coloured fruit. They are not the most nutritious of fruits but add quite a lot of flavour when doing preserves.

Growing Aubergines

1. Sow seeds indoors or in the greenhouse, either singular in small pots, spaced apart in a seed tray. I do mine inside at the beginning of April

2. Do not plant out until the weather has warmed the soil, any late frost will quickly kill them off.

3. Plant out about 20 Ė30 cm apart.

4. Cut the fruit from the plant as pulling direct will damage the plant, the plant should then continue to fruit.

5. I yield about 1kg (2.2lb in old money) of aubergines per plant.

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